Introducing the Titan Telemetry software platform

We understand our clients’ business and their needs, empowering them with the tools, information, and solutions imperative for succeeding in their specific industry. Some of the products we offer:

Telemetry Platform

We give you complete freedom to brand the Titan Telemetry platform as your own solution.

Hardware Solution

We assemble the right hardware solutions for scalable applications.

Data Management

Titan Telemetry makes the management of GSM SIM cards simple.


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Telemetry Platform

The Titan Telemetry platform is a white labeled solution. Everything in our platform is customisable with your own brand.

Hardware Solution

We assemble the right wireless communications solutions from an extensive portfolio of devices, scalable cloud service enablement platforms and targeted software applications.

Given the breadth and depth of Titan Telemetry’s offering, we are uniquely able to couple and de-couple the various components of a solution to facilitate the most compelling implementation for our users.


Data Management

Using our own proven technology integrated with mobile networks, Titan Telemetry makes the management of GSM SIM cards simple, speeding up time-to-market and better managing total SIM communication cost. With dedicated APN portal to platform technology data security is fully controlled.


Live Asset Monitoring

Watch your assets and their state changes in real time from any linked device.

Activity Streams

See what an asset is up to at any given moment. Quickly view current and past trip activities as they are completed.

Customizable Alert Engine

Build up alerts from events generated by your assets and customize them with even more configurable filters. Alert your users via SMS or email.

Asset State Engine

Is the asset waiting, loading, moving or in the workshop? Create customizable rules to view the current state of an asset with a glance.

Customizable Reports

Choose from a large number of customizable reports to present to your clients. Users can create and save report templates at will to address any reporting need. Schedule reports at any time and have them delivered directly to your inbox.

Detailed Trip Replays

Simply select a date and a trip to get detailed route and statics presented to you on a trip by trip basis.


At Titan Telemetry we charge a single monthly fee per device that you’ve activated on our system. What you charge your clients is up to you.

Fleet ManagementGate KeeperStatic Asset ManagementOther

  • Starting At
    • R 125* per month per device
      • Pay As You Use
      • Full Hardware Installation Training
      • Extensive Platform Utilization Training

*Pricing is volume and application dependant. Enquire for a tailored quote.