Titan Solutions 


Titan Telemetry primarily concentrates on providing business solutions that address the areas of enterprise asset management, in-house asset tracking solutions, GPS asset tracking, advanced security control platform and remote process control services.


Titan Telemetry Fleet Manager working for you.

Record In & Out times for Specific Locations

  • 24/7 Boundary Monitoring
  • Location Entrance Notifications
  • Organize Locations by Speed Zones or Projects
  • Define Speed Limits at Strategic Locations

Information is Power…

  • Confirm Departure and Arrival Times
  • Validate Billing & Hours Worked
  • Audit Vehicle Movement History
  • Equipment Utilization Reporting
  • Report After Hours Equipment Usage

Titan Fleet Manager

The Titan Fleet Manager solution is designed to support wide array of vehicle interfaces offering a full feature set, comprehensive I/O system and expandable accessories that make it an industry leading value proposition. This advanced hardware unit monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined exception-based rules.

Built-in 3-axis Accelerometer

20,000 Network Buffer

5 Digital Inputs (Passenger seat, Safetybelt, Cargo Doors, etc)

Ignition On/Off

Hour Meter Accumulator

Peripheral Support (Garmin®, Driver ID, etc)

Over-Speed Beeper

Built-In GPS / GSM

External Temperature Sensor

Temperature Threshold Alerts

Define Min / Max Temperature Ranges

Alerts based on Date / Time / Location

Driver Identification Tag (Connected to ignition or audio prompt)

Titan Trace

The Titan Trace Solution is one of the most value packed product in the GPS Fleet Management Industry. When combining the 3 wire minimalistic install with the Titan Telemetry powerful software platform interface, the Titan Trace GPS solution offers fleet managers an arsenal of industry leading fleet location intelligence and driver behavioural modification features.

Virtual Mileage Accumulation

Engine Hour Meter

Low Voltage Alerts

Battery Status Change Alerts

Built-In Backup Battery & GPS Antenna

Sleep Mode for Zero Battery Drain

20 000 Position Store and Forward

OTA scripting and update functions

3 inputs: Ign, Digital (-) & ADC


Titan Gate Keeper

Remote gate control, giving you the power when you are not at home. Titan Gatekeeper is fully integrated into the web-based Titan Telemetry platform, giving you state of the art industry solutions for your home or office gate security needs.

Know the status of your gate via the Titan Telemetry platform

Specific ID tags for pedestrian entry access i.e domestic or security

Remotely open gate via cellphone app

Site specific alarm set-up for owners needs via sms / e-mail

Gate motor and battery status monitoring

After hours access alarm warning via sms / e-mail

Titan Analyst

Titan Analyst allows you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple reservoir level measurement to complex laboratory equipment, these systems are constantly challenged by minimum down-time, rapid technology change and industrial trends.

Titan Analyst helps you face remote operation challenges with integrated, secure and reliable end-to-end Telemetry Solutions.

Leveraging a proven track record in a wide range of industries and expertise in the areas of instrumentation, control and data acquisition, wireless communication and IT, Titan Analyst can help make the most of your remote operations and assets.

Email or sms on error occurrence to relative users and managers

Full suite of asset rating software - which instruments fail the most

Constant power monitoring

Mechanical movements on time and occurrence measured

Analog power supply voltage drops measured

Visible state changes displayed with coloured icons


Hardware Solutions

The advanced Fleet GPS Tracking series of hardware by Titan Telemetry includes some of the most comprehensive GPS fleet management products available on the market today.

These hardware solutions are perfect for fleet managers looking to see their fleet updating live on the map. See every turn, every stop, the location of idling and excessive driving behaviours, whether the vehicle is across the city or in a remote building site.


Software Solutions

Dashboard Access

The Titan Telemetry Dashboard gives you the ability to view the last reported location of each of your fleet assets all on one screen simply by logging in using your favourite web browser.

Automatic Vehicle Location Reports

Titan’s industry leading hardware is programmed to automatically update the location, speed and direction of your assets giving you a live view of your fleet in action.

Equipment Metrics

Titan allows you to monitor and effectively manage numerous asset metrics including analog voltages, temperature, digital inputs, mechanical movements, input usage and much, much more.

Location Based Intelligence

Titan allows you to keep track of locations that are important to your business and send alerts based on various activities.

Real Time Custom Alerts

Titan’s custom alert feature allows you to generate alerts based upon the activity of any fleet asset at a particular location, day, time or event.

Service / Maintenance Scheduling

Can’t remember when you last had your assets serviced?
Titan will assist. With Titan maintenance software, you can set up service & maintenance alerts based on interval or target criteria for any preventative services.

Search Tools: Vehicle, Location

The Titan Dashboard allows you to search your asset list for a certain vehicle or device, and you can even search the map for the location of a city or address.

Analytic Reporting Tools

Titan’s Analytic reporting tools enable managers to closely record, monitor and manage their assets via visual, tabled and summary reports.

Enterprise Level Dashboard Tools

Titan features an intuitive set of enterprise level tools that have been specifically designed to overcome the hurdles of displaying and tracking hundreds or even thousands of assets on the map.

Fleet Historical Playback

Visually replay your vehicle activity on a map including all movement, starts, stops and much more via an easy to use control panel.

Subscribe Users with Permissions Control

Easily create and administer an unlimited number of users that can access the Titan Telemetry platform. Control which vehicles/assets are viewable and which features you allow them to have access to.

Theft & Movements Alerts

Receive real time emails or text messages to multiple people if there is a geo-fence breach, the battery is disconnected, a tow alert is detected or your alarm has been trigged.

Monitor Aggressive Driving

Eliminate aggressive driving and excessive speeding. Whether its by lowering highway max trip speeds or reducing aggressive starts and hard breaking stops, Titan Telemetry know so you know.

Boundary Monitoring Location Intelligence

Titan’s custom alert tool ties directly into the Location Based Intelligence. Imagine having the ability to visually create custom shaped boundaries over targeted areas on a map, allowing you to monitor the entrance or exit of prohibited areas. Titan Telemetry knows so you know instantly.

Afterhours Detection and Usage Reporting

Know in real time precisely when and where the Ignition, Cargo Door or Equipment is in use and for how long. When it’s your equipment, be in the know 24/7 on and off the site.

Service & Maintenance

Streamline your vehicle’s maintenance scheduling. Create one time or repeating alerts based on Target Dates, Engine Hours or the Vehicle’s Odometer.

Report Subscription Tool

Select from one of over 40 Titan Telemetry fleet and asset managerial reports to be emailed automatically to you on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.